Our world class equipment is complimented with a highly competent and skilled full time operating team dedicated to providing an unsurpassed standard of excellence.

Our equipment includes:

  •  Slurry laser guided, computer controlled microtunnellers
  • Custom built laser guided vacuum extraction microtunnellers
  • American Augers Auger Borers with the latest rapid retraction system providing a faster than usual operation.
  • Custom built Auger Borers
  • Laser Guided Pipe Jacking equipment
  • Box Culvert Jacking systems for Pedestrian / Cycleways, trafficable roadways and stormwater systems
  • Shaft excavation and shoring equipment
  • Jacking systems from 400 tonne to 6,000 tonne capacity
auger boring

American Augers Auger Borer

slurry microtunnelling

MTS Slurry Microtunneller With Long Stroke Rams


6,000 Tonne Jacking System

Box Culverts

Vacuum Microtunneller Running 12mm Steel Pipes

shaft sinking

Sheet Piled Reception Shaft

Box Culvert
Height 4.65m x Width 7.75m