Tunnelcorp operates two American Augers auger boring machines.

The installation of the pipes using is a tries and proven technology that has been used for over 50 years throughout the world.

Tunnelcorp can install bores from 300mm to 1100mm diameter and up to 100m in length, depending on ground conditions. Bores can be completed in most types of ground conditions ranging from sands to hard rock.

Historically auger boring was used for the installation of underground infrastructure that did not require high accuracy grades. This is no longer the case with the use of hydrostatic levels, walkover electronic tracking systems and high accuracy pilot hole systems to monitor the line and grade.

Tunnelcorp’s auger boring machines can install steel or concrete pipes, as the cutting head progresses minimizing the risk of subsidence. These pipes can be used as the product pipe or an encasing pipe. Alternatively an encasing pipe can be installed to accept a smaller diameter carrier pipe or multiple services. In this instance the annular space is usually grout filled.

In rock the bores can be completed with the installation of a pilot hole followed by a larger diameter cutter. Normally an encasing pipe is not installed as the bore progresses with the product pipe installed in an open borehole. Alternatively an encasing pipe can be installed as the cutting head progresses. Retractable cutters are used to allow cutter changes during the advancement of the bore.

auger boring

American Augers 36-600 auger Borer (new)

300mm to 900mm

Up to 100m in length

American Augers 420600 Auger Borer (new)

300mm to 1100mm diameter

Up to 100m in length

Custom Hydraulic Auger Borer

300mm to 900mm diameter

Up to 80m in length

auger boring
auger boring
auger boring